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VR BOX II (VER 2.0) 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Headset Gear With Remote Control

RM 9.90 RM 3,999.00
  • High Quality Ergonomic Design 3D VR Glasses
  • Compatible with iOS / Android operating systems
  • Download Huandreds of FREE VR Apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Compatible with 4 - 6 inches Diagonal Screen Smart Phones
  • High Definition Lens showing non-deforming image
  • Suitable for Nearsighted/ Myopia users
  • Adjustable Horizontal and Vertical Lens Position for Best Focusing on Image

VR BOX Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset Version 2.0


This is a new arrival 3D VR Helmet: VR BOX II (VER 2), which supports many smartphone models with Android and iOS system. Put your phone into this VR Box Play, you can enjoy the super big screen effect 3D videos, without going to cinema; you can also play 3D games with it, which enables great immersive experience. 





Material: ABS - PC

Lens material: Spherical resin

Size: approximately 140 x 195 x 110 (W x L x H)

Video Input: Cell phone

Suitable for 4.7-6 inch screen mobile phones

Compatible with Samsung note series, iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/6S Plus and other mobile phones with body size less than 163 x 80mm

Product Weight : 0.414 kg; Package Weight : 0.820 kg


How to use:


Open the 3D apps / games / movies

Insert your phone

Close the 3D glasses

Mount the 3D glasses on your head

Adjust the lenses to suit you make sure the screen is clear and you feel comfortable


Note: Don't use it when charging the phone. If you feel dizzy, stop for a moment.