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Sante FX V+ Eye Drops 眼药水 [V+金色富含维生素,比银色更清凉]

RM 42.00 RM 65.00

  • Refreshes eye strains
  • Clears red eyes
  • UV protection
  • For tired / red eyes
  • Product from Japan

Feel exceptionally refreshed with a cool sensation application!

A refreshing series that reinvigorates tired eyes

santeFX neo is an eye drop that brightens your mood immediately
after the refreshing sensation drops are applied.
From students preparing for tests to hard workers - 
eye discomfort is cleared up immediately and you will feel like you can keep on going.

SANTE FX V+ 眼药水 

 是对消除眼睛充血以及眼睛疲劳非常有效的一款眼药水,而且FX NEO超级五级强劲的清凉感会让你的眼睛从表面整个扩张开来,令你的双眼瞬间感觉精神百倍。
 SANTE FX V+ 能有效地去除红血丝,并且抑制紫外线造成的眼部炎症(雪盲等);