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ROHTO MELANO CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence 美白精华液 20ml

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  • Whitening
  • Freckle
  • Shrink pores and acne

Rohto Melano CC medicinal stains intensive measures Essence
Melano CC Intensive Anti Spot Essence is a Japanese beauty Serum
to treat hyperpigmentation and acne

The Serum features active vitamins C and vitamin E derivative to fade and
prevent dark spots and acne marks. It is also contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizte
and Thymol to reduce redness and irritation, while killing acne-causing bacteria
to prevent acne.

- Reduces redness and skin irritations.
- Protects from skin spots and freckles.
- Keeps the skin moisturized.

How To Use
After conditioning your skin with lotion or after cleanse, take an appropriate amount
into Palm and gently apply in specific areas or entire face.
Duration: 5-6 months when use 4-5 drops per day.

Melano  cc 美白精华液

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