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Pabron Gold A Fine Cold Medicine - 44 Packets 大正综合感冒药 (粉状)

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  • Don't drive after taking medicine, you might feel sleepy
  • Brand : Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
  • 100% Authentic
  • The amazing cold/flu pill will work wonders
  • Import from Japan

Pabron Gold A is cold medicines most popular in Japan.

Blended vitamin B1-B2, antipyretic analgesics, and antihistamines.

It is a very bitter medicine, So wrapped in oblate, or swallowed at once.

Let's cure early painful cold !!


  • Effect : Relief of symptoms of a cold
    (pain,pain cough, phlegm, sore throat, sneezing, nose water, stuffy nose, chills, fever, headache, joint pain, muscle pain)
  • DOSAGE and ADMINISTRATION : Be taken within 30 minutes after a meal
    Amount to be taken at a time
    *15 years old or older --- 1 packet
    *14 years old from 11 years old --- 2/3 packet
    *10 years old from 7 years old ---1/2 packet
    *6 years old from 3 years old --- 1/3 packet
    *2 years old from 1 years old --- 1/4 packet
    *Younger than 1 year --- Don't Take

 Please read always

  • Us Whatever the reason, do not take responsibility.

    1. If you have a chicken or egg allergy symptoms, please do not use
    2. If you have the symptoms of asthma, please do not use
    3. Person who is breast-feeding, please do not use
    4. During pregnancy, please do not use
    5. The after taking, is not to be driving, such as opportunity operation
      (May become sleepy)
    6. Do not drink liquor after taking
    7. A long period of time, please do not take
    8. Or if you have worse, if you do not go to the body, stop taking the medicine immediately.
      Let's talk with a doctor
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大正综合感冒药 44入