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Oros Citrus Sister 柑橘妹妹 (30 tablets)

RM 178.00

  • Exclude excess body fat Prevent the body to absorb extra fat (oil cut)
  • To help the stomach digest food properly (high fiber)
  • Help normal bowel movements (gastrointestinal smooth)
  • Adjust the physical maintenance of the body behavier
  • Help the stomach digest food well drained  to achieve a slimming effect
  • Individual packet, convenient to bring it to anywhere during travel
  • 30 packets per box
  • Take 1 tablet 15 - 30 minutes before meal, twice a day

  • 主打瘦身、排毒、切油、促进新陈代谢
  • 不会造成拉肚子,只会让你觉得有便意上厕所排便
  • 在台湾热销3年的瘦身圣品
  • 通过台湾SGS安全认证,100%保证安全,不反弹,无副作用 
  • 无需节食、运动,也可以轻松瘦下
  • 只减脂,不减胸,不减水分,不减肌肉
  • 独立包装,方便随身携带
  • 一盒30粒 (独立包装)
  • 餐前15 - 30分钟服用一颗,一天两颗

Citrus Fat Blocker is a product that can actual avoid fats from food to being absorb by body, it is also a very good reactor that help the stool elimination and promotes healthier intestine. Do you know that Citrus Fat Blocker is actually founded in Taiwan? The ingredients that we chose to produce this wonderful supplement are quality! Unlike other fibre product out there, Citrus Fat Blocker does not cause any diarrhea after you consume it.


重点让妳用最健康的方式瘦下来,而起还能维持身材, 这就是为什么台湾女孩都能瘦得如此稳定和自然,也是日本很注重养身的方式「油切」!

柑橘妹妹是健康食品 ,无药物成分。