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Liberta Tsubuporon Night Patch - Neck Peeling 夜间去角质粒20g

RM 96.00 RM 139.00

  • Remove unwanted milia on neck 
  • For night use only
  • Made in Japan
  • Hot selling product in Japan
  • No artificial coloring

Gently with Waso extract of 46 types in the neck and eyes of trickle down that stands out with age peeling it leads to smooth skin by continuing use. Areas of concern only put into pea-sized. Liquid and Trolli adhesion penetration to trickle down. Only the surface is dry firmly care wrapped trickle down on the inside. And fairly dust penetration smooth on your skin if Hegase next morning. When the neck based on age is a concern even more youthful and beautiful skin in the W Tsukai with Tsubuporon. Artificial coloring is not used.