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Kose Medicated Sekkisei Toner 500ml - Save The Blue Edition

RM 329.00 RM 388.80

  • Product from Japan
  • Save The Blue Edition
  • Moisturizing
  • Smooth skin
  • Japan Best seller

A lotion that offers clear, snow-white, fine-grained skin that is both moist and translucent

Product Features:

1. selecting from a variety of plants derived Kampo "secret sense of transparency." Kampo plants moist and mild nourishment, leaving skin smooth, water slide, filled with a sense of transparency. Create white muscle wins lightweight spray lotion.

2. conditioning the skin moist balance, preventing dull, acne and tension caused due to dry, hot sun and other soothing caused.

3. The Soft as dense mist spray. Instant integration, so that the texture and full, quickly passed to evenly moist stratum corneum, skin filling a clear sense of transparency.

4. The compact size, just to put cosmetic, and easy to carry. Whenever can enjoy Sekkisei Refreshing moist.

5. Sekkisei unique elegant mild taste, let consequent become relaxed mood.

6. After the makeup, can also be used at ease.

★ Angelica extract: extracted from angelica root Extract, can promote blood circulation and skin cell revitalizing, prevent pigmentation, creating white luminous complexion

★ Kawadani seed extract: can promote skin metabolism, giving skin clarity and gloss to keep skin smooth, soft and prevent skin roughness, dryness and inflammation for some blemishes or partial facial rough phenomenon has preventive and improvement.