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EVE QUICK DX Headache & Fever Relief Medicine 快速减低头痛发烧 40 tablets (添加了保护胃黏膜的成份)

RM 85.00 RM 110.00

Efficacy and effects:

Headache, shoulder pain and toothache, menstrual cramps, sore throat and joint pain and muscle pain and neuralgia, back pain and pain after tooth extraction, pain, ear pain, fracture pain, sprain pain and traumatic pain relievers

Chills and fever feverIbuki c headache medication, ibuprofen analgesic and antipyretic effects fast is a headache medicine to demonstrate. Blending magnesium oxide with ibuprofen. This same formula was difficult in itself, is realized by the SDS technology developed by SS pharmaceuticals.

EVE  Quick DX (金色盒)

  一次2粒 温水吞服 服用间隔4小时以上 1天3次以内 尽量避免空腹服用

  EVE QUICK DX 除了比较速效之外,还多添加了保护胃黏膜的成份。